Committed to helping fresh produce importers receiving fruit from Chile.

Elements specialise in the in-country support of UK supermarket fruit programs from Chile ensuring what has been committed is delivered.

Today, Chile is exporting to over 100 different countries worldwide and is the largest exporter of fruit in the Southern Hemisphere.


New markets are opening up every year for Chilean exporters and the attraction of potentially higher prices is always tempting. 

Chilean fruit is important to the UK, so, if you want complete confidence that the fruit you agreed has been loaded and when there is a problem you have someone on the ground to find a solution, then we can help.



  • We help manage your supermarket programs ensuring the right product is loaded at the right time

  • English speaking, single point of contact based in Santiago for the commercial and freight forwarding teams to answer and solve any issues as quickly as possible

  • We support program negotiation; pricing, volume commitments, loading dates, container configuration, packing requirements, invoicing process, key contacts etc for each program with each exporter

  • We offer a tailored quality control service for the fruit being loaded to ensure the product meets defined quality specifications

  • We co-ordinate and analyse post-arrival QC reports with exporter technical teams to review data and identify any positive or negative trends that may impact future loadings

  • We co-ordinate with freight forwarders and receivers to ensure the correct documentation has been submitted: Invoice, Bill of Lading, EUR 1, Phytosanitary etc

  • We can help you find a suitable exporter for your supermarket programs based on you and your customer's quality and certification criteria

Some of the exporters we work with


About us


We are British and have been operating in Chile since 2015, managing programs for some of the largest supermarkets in the UK (Aldi, Home Bargain, Booths, Iceland).

We are located in Santiago close to the Chilean exporter commercial teams and travel to the growing regions weekly during the harvesting and packing seasons. 

Our goal is to reduce your risk in the supply chain of fresh fruit from Chile and to make sure what is committed is delivered.